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Since launching in 2010, Rezana Trading S.A. has rapidly grown its cotton business diversifying constantly its origins of cotton traded.

We started as Central Asian cotton traders mainly to the Far East market of Bangladesh. Today we are major players in growing and financing the cotton crop in Tajikistan  and its competitive pricing has allowed us to expand our markets to include Pakistan and China as well.

We have actively traded both Medium and Extra Long Staple cottons and are tuned to the need of any coarse or fine count spinner.

We are committed to further expand our geography of activities into U.S.A. and other cotton growing countries.

Our influence and activities comprise farming, ginning, warehousing, logistics and marketing operations.

This expertise means that we are mobile and efficient implementing the newest of all technological advances. Our market experience means we provide the best possible return  to our growers and the best possible quality and price to our consumers, worldwide.

Above all, at Rezana Trading S.A. we work closely with our partners, respecting the talents and needs of every individual involved.
Tel: +44 207 493 58 75, +7 495 510 25 33
Fax: +44 207 197 81 15

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