Since launching in2010, Rezana Trading S.A. has rapidly grown its cotton business diversifying constantly its origins ofcotton traded.

Westarted asCentral Asian cotton traders mainly tothe Far East market ofBangladesh. Today weare major players ingrowing and financing the cotton crop inTajikistan and its competitive pricing has allowedus toexpand our markets toinclude Pakistan and China aswell.

Wehave actively traded both Medium and Extra Long Staple cottons and are tuned tothe need ofany coarse orfine count spinner.

Weare committed tofurther expand our geography ofactivities into U.S.A. and other cotton growing countries.

Our influence and activities comprise farming, ginning, warehousing, logistics and marketing operations.


We are available to every time zone in the world through our sales personnel based in Moscow, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and U.S.A There is no language  in which cotton is traded that we are not fluent.

Our people are based in cotton producing countries procuring cotton that fits the bill of our partners and buyers.

We travel the world to establish and nurture relationships with producers and consumers of cotton.

We are constantly looking for new ways to satisfy our customers and obtain the best possible arrangements for our business partners.

Our operation staff is constantly striving to achieve new levels of excellence in logistics.

Our goal is not volume, but to be recognized as quality suppliers.

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